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    Selecting a cap or bucket hat goes beyond merely choosing a fashion accessory; it serves as a means to express the style and personality you want to communicate through your company or your brand. Dive into the DYC universe!

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    The Baseball cap has got to be the most iconic hat in sports. It is a six-panel hat with a pre-curved stiff visor, the back is easily adjustable with a plastic snap, metal buckle, velcro, or an elastic band. The shape is derived from earlier brimmed hats popular in the late 19th century. Today, the baseball cap is worn to show support for a team, as a fashion statement or a way to get a message across.

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    Originally, the trucker hat was a mere token given away by companies to farmers, rural workers, and truckers in the United States. The hats were made with a stiff foam front panel and mesh back pieces to allow perspiration to evaporate quickly. Today, the trucker hat has become a must-have in your wardrobe for fashionistas from all over the world.

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    Dad hat

    Also known as the dad hat, the unstructured hat is a pre-curved six-panel hat, which - unlike the baseball cap - has a soft panel at the front. The look is laid-back, relaxed, and comfortable. “Cool kids”, back in the 90s, turned to the front seam of traditional baseball caps and sliced out the buckram. They then curved the brim after achieving their relaxed fit, and voilà! The dad hat was born.

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    Flat visor

    This hit cap has its roots from way back in the '50s and was made popular in the mid to late '90s with its association with the gangster rap scene. Today, not just rappers enjoy the flat visor. It is found as a staple accessory amongst hiphop and R&B lovers, surfers, skaters, and fashionistas.

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    The roots of the iconic bucket hat go back over a hundred years. In those times, it was worn as a purely functional item by Irish farmers and fishermen as protection from the rain. Fast-forward to the ‘80s and the hip-hop community saw the immense potential in bucket hats. Big Bank Hank of Sugar Hill Gang, wore one during a 1979 performance of “Rapper’s Delight” on the TV show Soap Factory. It promptly launched a phenomenon, spurring others to embrace the hat, including RunDMC in 1984.

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    The beanie, also known as a knit cap, is a style and warmth essential. Crafted from soft and stretchy knit, it provides a comfortable and versatile fit. Unlike other headwear, the beanie lacks a rigid brim, allowing it to conform seamlessly to the shape of the head. Its minimalist design makes it a popular choice for various occasions, whether braving chilly winter days or completing a casual look year-round. Embrace the beanie for a touch of laid-back and functional style.

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    Adventure A classic 5-panel cap loved by outdoor enthusiasts such as fishers, skaters and surfers. Surfco An unstructured flat brim that screams laid back. Runmi Ultralight, breathable, and quick-drying. A hat designed for the runners. Visor A visor is a type of crownless hat consisting simply of a visor or brim with a strap.

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    Glitter Patch
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    3D embroidery

    A raised/3D embroidery. We use a special foam under the stitching to make your logo pop. Ideal for larger logos.

    Light 3D embroidery

    The thread is stitched over multiple times to make the embroidery slightly raised.

    Flat Embroidery

    Our flat embroidery is the perfect option when a logo has small details.

    Sublimation Patch

    If your logo is very complex and can’t be embroidered it can be screen printed on a patch.

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